Every rally run by West Essex requires someone to be the steward.  The main duties of a steward are putting out the WEDA direction signs before the opening time, booking people in as they arrive, and hosting a Coffee Morning on the last day of the meet.  Some people like to arrange entertainment for the weekend and others prefer just to have a quiet weekend with no organised activities, its up to you!!
You don’t have to be a member of West Essex to steward a meet for us and anyone who does steward a meet for West Essex enjoys Free camping weekend.

Here are our Guidelines for Stewarding.

  1. All sites open at 3pm unless otherwise agreed with the Steward or Committee
  2. Stewards should check with the land owner before any unit is sited and abide by any restrictions or requests made by the land owner
  3. Stewards should place their own units in such a position that you can be readily seen and approached on arrival.  A STEWARD sign should be displayed outside your unit.
  4. Deploy all road signs at your discretion (without breaking any laws) and collect them at the end of the meet
  5. Locate both DRINKING WATER SUPPLY and ELSAN POINT and mark with the appropriate sign.
  6. Stewards should welcome all campers and give them such information as they require.  All units must be booked in on arrival and membership cards for each adult member must be shown.
  7. Stewards are responsible for the siting of all units.  The club rule, of 6m between units must be strictly observed.  Pitches are not to be reserved as the system is first come, first sited.
  8. All units, including CCY PUP TENTS should be sited 6m apart.  PUP TENTS may be sited in the parent’s area.
  9. No toilet tent may be erected in the CCY Area without the permission of the Youth Leader or Steward.  NO CARS are permitted to park in the CCY area. FRAME TENTS ARE NOT SEEN as CCY PUP TENTS and are therefore not allowed in the CCY area. Frame Tents are classified as a unit and will be charged accordingly wherever they are sited.
  10. NO YOUTH UNDER THE AGE OF 16 YEARS will be allowed to camp on Club Sites without supervision, unless they have passed their youth test.  Youth member who HAVE passed their youth test may camp unsupervised from the age of 14 years.
  11. GENERATORS may be used with the consent of the Steward, who will inform the user of their responsibilities and what time restrictions apply.
  12. BARBECUES may only be used with the permission of the steward. No communal BBQs are allowed. Sensible fire precautions must be taken.
  13. Open fires are not permitted within the camping field.
  14. Cars should be parked at the side of the unit.
  15. The Steward is responsible to ensure that all necessary equipment for the meet is present.
  16. Due consideration must be given to the condition of the field when driving in and out of the site.  LEARNER DRIVERS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DRIVE ON SITE.
  17. Stewards must not engage in the act of driving members cars and/or towing members units on or off site.
  18.  A site sign should be displayed at the entrance
  20. All rubbish is to be taken home.
  21. No Noise after 11pm or before 7am.
  22. NO TOILETS or part of a toilet should be taken to the DRINKING TAP for any reason.
  23. All Pets should be exercised as directed by the steward and MUST BE ON A LEAD NO LONGER THAN 2METRES AT ALL TIMES whilst on site.
  24. Any breed of dog listed under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 is not permitted onsite.
  25. Waste water may only be tipped into field hedgerows and not around trees.
  26. STEWARDS must ensure that all sites are left in a presentable condition at the close of the meet.  Remember to close any gates.

REMEMBER:  The steward is in charge of the meet.  You have been appointed by the Committee and you will have their full support.  All CLUB Rules must be adhered to.  Other information can be found in the Camping and Caravanning Club Big Sites Book and on the club website

The Committee wishes to thank you for BEING IN CHARGE of this meet and hope that you will steward again in the future.

WEDA Sites Secretary