Every rally run by West Essex requires someone to be the steward.  The main duties of a steward are putting out the WEDA direction signs before the opening time, booking people in as they arrive (and taking thier money!) and hosting a Coffee Morning on the last day of the meet.  Some people like to arrange entertainment for the weekend and others prefer just to have a quiet weekend with no organised activities, its up to you!!
You don’t have to be a member of West Essex to steward a meet for us and anyone who does steward a meet for West Essex enjoys Free camping weekend.
Remember without stewards we cannot hold rallies so we need you.
Duties required of a steward

Thank you again for making this meet happen, your commitment is appreciated

West Essex Committee Thank you for stewarding a WEDA rally, below are a few things you need to know.

Before the rally

It is considered polite to call the landowner within the week before the rally to 

    a. Introduce yourselves

    b. Ensure the meet can still go ahead (sometimes meets have to be cancelled due to weather conditions)

    c. Check any entrance details, e.g. gates to be unlocked

Once you have received the signs, double check all signs are in a usable condition and that the stewards pack contains all the correct forms as listed below.  

 If you have not received notification of arrangements to receive the signs & tea 10 days before your rally or any other issues arise please contact the site secretary.

If you would like the marquee for your meet then please contact the Equipment Officer at least 10 days before your rally.

Members always enjoy organized events, this can be as little as a hand out quiz when you arrive on site.  Do not feel you have to run anything but if you would like to and/or you would like this to be advertised before your meets runs then please contact the PRO as early as possible for this to be arranged.

During the rally

Please ensure all signs are clearly visible and do not contravene any highway laws.  All units must adhere to the 6 meter rule and 5 mph limit whilst on site. A steward must be present on site at all times.

As steward you must collect site fees and complete the meet attendance sheet, valid membership cards need to be checked. Only valid members of the Camping and Caravan Club are able to camp, if valid membership cards are not supplied then they cannot camp.

As steward, though you are not necessarily required to patrol the field, you do run the site and are therefore are responsible for the safety and wellbeing of those camping.  You will however, be required to deal with any issues that arise on the camping field, though if you are unsure of how to do this you can speak to any committee member present at the weekend. If there are no committee members available please contact the sites secretary.

Fire buckets must be full and accessible at every unit.

Visitors are welcome, however they are required to be signed in and out.

Where possible and site permitting, please try and keep a space clear for a children’s play area. Though we are family orientated we need to appreciate that some campers do not wish children playing too close to their units.

Coffee morning usually takes place at 11.00am on the last day of the meet. A rally board is supplied to advertise up and coming meets, this needs to be accessible to all members. If the site secretary or any another committee member in their absence is not available please direct peoples attentions to the rally board and our website for up to date information.

At the end of a rally

All signs must be collected and made available for collections by the WEDA equipments officer or another committee member.

The landowner needs to be paid and a receipt retained.  Please check your stewards pack carefully, those requiring a VAT receipt have been clearly marked.

All paperwork needs to be placed in the return envelope of your steward pack.  Please do not post any cash, this, along with the paperwork, can either be passed to a committee member, if one is available, or you can write a personal cheque, made out to “ West Essex DA. The Camping & Caravan Club”

Stewards Check List

Steward Pack containing:

  • Meet Attendance Sheet (with site details)
  • Spare Attendance sheets
  • Return Envelope
  • Pencil
  • Accident Book
A-frame rally board
Tea/Coffee Bag
Sign Bag
Club Mobile (only required for some meets)
Eastern Region booklets
WEDA booklets

Thank you again for making this meet happen, your commitment is appreciated

West Essex Committee