Our Committee 2021

About the W.E.D.A Committee
Like all of the Camping and Caravanning Club’s D.A’s and Sections, West Essex D.A. is run by a voluntary group of members. Our committee is selected each year at our AGM, normally held between February and April.  There is always lots of preparation and organisation that goes into every rally.  If you would like to get involved in the club either as just a volunteer or are interested in becoming a committee member then please feel free to contact us for more information.

Chairman* & Site Secretary:
Chris Nursey

Email: chairman@westessexda.co.uk
Email: Sites@westessexda.co.uk

Treasurer* & Block Bookings Office: Tony Perry
Email: treasurer@westessexda.co.uk

Webmaster, Rep to Region
& Joint Youth Leader:
Deb Spooner

Email: reptoreg@westessexda.co.uk
Email: youth@westessexda.co.uk

Deputy Rep to Region:
Andy Sanford

Email: depreptoreg@westessexda.co.uk

General Committee: Jacqui Arnold*
Email: jacqui@westesseda.co.uk

Non- Committee Roles
Minutes Secretary: Jill Nursey

Vice Chairman*:
Sharon Sanford

Email: vicechairman@westessexda.co.uk

Secretary*: Dick Scott
Email: Secretary@westessexda.co.uk

PRO Officer: Glen Harper
Email: pro@westessexda.co.uk

Equipment & Regalia Officer, Countryside Care Office & Joint Youth Leader: Lee Spooner
Email: equipment@westessexda.co.uk
Email: regalia@westessexda.co.uk
Email: countryside@westessexda.co.uk
Email: youth@westessexda.co.uk

General Committee: Sara Kayley

General Committee: Dave Wilby

*Denotes a member of the Executive Committee