A WEDA Time Warp – 60’s & 70’s Weekend

Fancy Dress Winners, Sue Jackson & Mike Lawler

West Essex DA opened our 2019 season in style with a 60s & 70s themed party weekend at The Room in The Rodings at Beauchamp Roding. Fourteen units attended the meet despite the strong winds and rain that were forecast and the meet kicked off with a social get together in the lovely function room on the Friday evening. Heads were scratched and brows were wrinkled as we tried to decide whether statements read out by Wol were true or false – did Winston Churchill have no belly button or can rabbits see behind them? Finally, after much debate within the various teams Wol put us out of our misery by announcing that the answer to all of them was ‘True’!!

Saturday afternoon our stewards Lynn and Andy opened the hall again for tea and a chat plus a deceptively puzzling quiz where we had to identify flowers and plants beginning with each letter of the alphabet from pictures and then name TV programmes and films of the 60s and 70s from snippets of their theme tunes.

After a short break to have our evening meals and change into our outfits for the 60s & 70s night it was back to the hall for the themed disco party. Our chairman Chris looked so different in his flares, curly wig and droopy moustache that even his 5 year old granddaughter was not too sure who he was! National Councillor Michael Lawler who was at the meet visiting friends in the DA stole the show in his amazing psychedelic suit and was awarded the prize for best dressed man, while our own Sue Jackson walked away with the best dressed lady prize for her Mary Quant style outfit.

WEDA Chairman Chris Nursey and his lovely wife.

The other main event of the night was a Twisting Contest with the winner’s prize being awarded to Dave, a visitor from our neighbouring DA.

A great time was had by all and we are already looking forward to next year’s event when Lynn and Andy will be moving us on a decade into the 70s & 80s. Oh dear, do we go as characters from Fame, or punks, or glam rockers – decisions, decisions!!!!

By Jill Nursey

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